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Using Mailing Lists To Communicate With Your Customers (part 1)

Using mailing lists to communicate with current customers or potential future customers can be a great way to boost business and market yourself in the best way possible. With the use of email you can enjoy quick results, and one way or another you'll know if your marketing campaign is effective in just a few days time. Using mailing lists to communicate has become the preferred way to do business for the majority of companies out there because it's cheap, fast, easy, and can be very effective.

While there are many ways in which you can use email mailing lists to communicate you should try to do it in the most professional manner. It's always best if you can use your own mailing lists, not rented ones. Many businesses rent mailing lists and send unsolicited mail to people. While this may gain you a couple new customers, the majority of people won't even open the email if they did not request the information. Generally speaking, rented email mailing lists aren't worth the time, effort, or cost based on the number of new customers you will get from them. Sending mail that is unsolicited is considered Spam, and you can end up in legal trouble for this so it's best to avoid this method if at all possible. If you do choose to rent an email mailing list to communicate with customers make sure you put an opt-out feature at the bottom of all emails so that it isn't considered spam.

The best way to communicate with customers using email mailing lists is to use an opt-in feature on your website. This will allow people who visit your website to choose to have information sent to them. This is great because you know that the people who are receiving emails from you really want the information and you are more likely to see repeat business from this type of customer. You know who your target audience is with this type of mailing list, and writing your marketing pieces will be a lot easier as a result. So, make sure that you have an opt-in feature on your website and even on paper work in your office so you can get more clients on your list. Don't pass up any opportunity to add people to your email mailing list so you can get repeat business from current customers.

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